Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore…. or are we? Since the early 2000s tech has been on the rise in Kansas City. Years later there is still a continuous growth in the number of not only startup tech companies, but bigger names like Microsoft and Google. Although this may come as a shock to most outsiders, locals seem to have a better understanding of the technology ecosystem in Kansas City. The city even had its very first Techweek back in 2015 showcasing all of the successful industry leaders and startup companies Kansas City has. Since then, Kansas City has become an annual destination for the organization.

When thinking about Kansas City and all it has to offer, tech does not usually come to mind. It isn’t Silicon Valley and it isn’t the East Coast. However, Kansas City does have a competitive advantage in the tech industry against these competing cities. Unlike Silicon Valley or the East Coast dominators, Kansas City is more accessible for outside travelers across the U.S. It also has a lower cost of living than most, making it more desirable to start a business in the area.

Taking these two factors into account, this has made Kansas City a major hot-spot for smaller tech companies and the big game players are taking notice. Some have even created joint ventures with these small startups. As more and more companies begin making their mark in Kansas City, the more valuable and resourceful it will be to outside businesses looking for tech help and offers.

With its technology innovation capabilities and catalyst growth, there’s no stopping this metropolitan city from taking over the tech industry.

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